Erotic Media Experts

Erotic Media Experts is a broad-based company providing professional consulting and technology services related to erotic or adult-themed media of all kinds.

Our experts have advanced degrees in Human Sexuality, and keep current with the latest developments in scientific research, technology, and popular culture. We serve clients in the fields of law, medicine, psychology, academia, education, art, and entertainment.

Although we study the adult entertainment industry, among other manifestations of sexuality in popular culture, our focus is not exclusively pornography, but rather all forms of erotic or sexual expression and their repercussions on society, politics, and economics.

Our practice is concentrated in two main areas:


We assist individuals, companies, and organizations to make optimum use of the latest technology, including Internet, digital photography, and video. We specialize in media related to human sexuality due to its unique challenges and opportunities. Our knowledge, experience, and sensitivity to the special nature of this subject matter makes us the best choice for those who wish to leverage technology in this area responsibly and successfully.


We also make our expertise available in the form of consulting, research, and expert testimony related to erotic art and artifacts, the adult entertainment industry, and sexual media on the Internet.

We also evaluate and broker vintage and contemporary erotic media including art, artifacts, books, films, video, magazines, comics, and ephemera.